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"your horoscope for september: your free astrology service will literally torture you by not providing a report and your entire month will be ruined because of this tragedy, which is on par with many of the worst humanitarian crises of our time."


Anonymous asked:

Is it racist that a white, 20 year old unarmed kid was shot by a black cop on Monday, Aug 18, 3 days ago and its no where in the news? Oh wait, it happens all the time, its just not newsworthy. Sucks to be white.


Dear Racists: I know you’re going to to be trotting this out in the next few days claiming that this shows how white people are just as badly treated as black people in the US (though, of course, the idea that “it happens all the time” to white people is, of course, a ridiculous and disgusting lie).

But guess what, fuckheads, as usual, you’re wrong as fuck. The reason this tragedy isn’t national news is because, surprise surprise, a similar (ish) shooting of a white teenager by a black cop is being handled by the authorities completely differently! That’s right, you dumbfucks, this officer is being immediately and vigorously investigated, the officer’s name was released, the victim wasn’t denied medical care, nor was his body left on the street for hours. It’s almost like we treat black and white people differently in our justice system! And if you want to argue that the fucking Salt Lake City PD (oh shit, was I able to read about this case in the NATIONAL NEWS?!?!?! ) is racist against white people, you are fucking out of your mind.

So, nice try, you asshole, I know you were salivating over finding a case to compare this to Mike Brown, but, even with this timing, you’re not even fucking close to proving your racist “point.”


Anonymous asked:

do u know any good conspiracy theories?


this is almost definitely not as exciting as whatever you were hoping for, but there’s this psycho on twitter who thinks that New York City’s pro-cycling safety initiative Vision Zero (“This Vision Zero Action Plan is the City’s foundation for ending traffic deaths and injuries on our streets”)  is SECRETLY an evil scheme to
a) encourage lawless cyclists to learn and obey traffic laws, which
b) inevitably causes cyclists to be maimed and murdered by motorists who don’t obey any traffic laws anyway, which in turn
c) eventually scares all cyclists away from ever riding a bicycle again, resulting in a bike-free NYC.
it’s a pretty elaborate theory.

I dunno if this counts as a conspiracy theory, but my favorite rumor about a secret is that Dolly Parton actually has full tattoo sleeves on both arms, but keeps it a secret because she doesn’t want to alienate parts of her conservative fanbase, and if you pay attention after a certain year you never see her out and about without full length shirtsleeves!


Temptation = mind control. A thought enters the brain and, all of a sudden, it’s impossible to think about anything else. But is that how it all starts? That’s what the AXE Lab is trying to figure out.

Where in your body do you feel temptation? 

god i thought this stupid fucking garbage ad was going to be like a really interesting science article, i thought maybe it was a neuroscience article posted by longreads, i’m so mad. 

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