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The police union held a press conference today to release information about the killing of VonDerrit Myers, whom they described as “no angel.”

Part One

Tuesday, October 14th

so when are they going to explain the 17 shots fired

he was running while holding up his pants, like das it, that’s the story, cop saw no gun, wasn’t being attacked (bc there was no gun). what a drastic change from a nigga jumping out the bushes and attacking you. 


Anonymous asked:

“It has been said before by feminists that the concept of “having sex” is a phallic concept; that is pertains to heterosexual intercourse, in fact, primarily to heterosexist intercourse, that is male-dominant-female-subordinate-copulation-whose-completion-and-purpose-is-the-male-ejaculation”


it has been said by me that heterosexual intercourse is exactly like this


Moratorium Alert




anything where you just tack “fuck” or “shit” onto something else to create what you think is a really acerbic portmanteau, but which really just makes you sound inarticulate and helpless.

N.B. i would accept “shithead” as historically vetted and not something people say in a desperate attempt to sound like the lester bangs of flame wars.

i really like “shitbird” though

"your horoscope for september: your free astrology service will literally torture you by not providing a report and your entire month will be ruined because of this tragedy, which is on par with many of the worst humanitarian crises of our time."

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